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Residents of the Torrance and Redondo Beach areas of Southern California love to drive their motorcycles. With a U.S. record number of days with sunshine every year, riders rarely have to deal with the rain or severe weather in our local area like other U.S. states. Similar to driving a car or truck in the state of California; however, riders are required to carry a baseline motorcycle insurance policy to be street legal. To help fill this need, Carry Me Insurance offers a wide range of insurance policy options to help provide our customers the level of protection that they deserve while enjoying the California roadways.

We have also found that many of our customers have a diverse set of insurance needs beyond covering their bike. As a result, our company now offers a number of competitive business insurance , auto, and home policy plans that can help eliminate the problem of paying multiple insurance companies for your needs. In all cases, our friendly customer service staff will go out of their way to ensure that you meet the state of California as well as any local insurance requirements before going final on a policy to help keep you in compliance with the law.

Carry Me Insurance has focused on building our customer service reputation since opening to be one of the best in the Redondo Beach and Torrance, California areas. We are able to help both new and experienced motorcycle riders obtain coverage to protect themselves as well as others while driving on the busy freeways and highways in our area. We are also able to help motorcycle riders who may not have the best driving record find a policy that will help keep them on the road, but not take their full paycheck to keep up with every month in many cases.

Our knowledgeable customer service agents have a deep amount of experience that will help you with identifying what level of coverage you need, but can also best fit your budget. Although we like to recommend our clients take advantage of a policy that will help repair or replace their bike in the event of an unfortunate accident, we also understand than many of our customers simply can’t afford more than the baseline liability insurance required in the state. We will take the time to review the overall cost of your different options as well as how big of a deductible makes sense for your specific situation. The professional agents at CarryMe Insurance Services the following areas:

  • Motorcycle Insurance Torrance
  • Motorcycle Insurance Redondo Beach
  • Motorcycle Insurance Hermosa Beach
  • Motorcycle Insurance Palos Verdes

Carry Me Insurance also realizes that many of our clients that drive motorcycles will also have a car or truck as their backup ride in the event of bad weather. At Carry Me Insurance, we will work with you on a combined coverage policy that can satisfy both your motorcycle and auto insurance needs. The majority of the time, we are able to save you money by working on a combined policy for all of your automotive needs. Have no fear; however, as our staff wants to set you up for long term success for all of your insurance needs. The last thing that we want to have happen, is that you have a motorcycle accident and can’t afford to pay for your deductible and get back on to the road as soon as possible. We are the premier insurance company servicing the entire South Bay California area.

We Service The Following Areas:

Redondo Beach
Hermosa Beach
Rancho Palos Verdes
South Bay CA

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